Survive the moco
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Two Button Controls and Growing

My theme interpretation:

In this edition there was an exceptional tie between themes. Participants could choose one or both. I chose both themes, interpreting them as follows:

  • Growing: Mocos can grow and they will divide themselves into two new Mocos of the previous size (if exists) when they die.
  • Two Buttons Controls: You only have two buttons to play, Mouse1 and Mouse2.


Just survive the MOCO attack!!! This is just a challenge to survive the long time possible.

You can just dodge or shoot them. They will split into two smaller MOCO when they die!

There is not a happy end!


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I couldn't finish this game, it just was my first game ever (yes, if you die the game ends, but many things remained to be developed). In fact, this game was the first thing I compiled, before of this I had only tested the engine in the editor. This shows in all aspects of the game, from the installation (I did not include the engine dependencies), through the graphics (which did not worry me too much for my first attempt), until the 'gameplay'. The game was so complicated that most people deleted it within a few seconds of trying..

However, it is one of the editions I remember most dearly. Not only because it was the first one but also because I participated in person with other teams with unknown people. There were people who could go see our games, how we developed them, etc. See how people are excited to try your game, waiting in qeue (they even challenge each other to see who gets a better score!), ... is a very pleasant feeling. The latter even made me have less time for development, but it was very worthwhile!

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